How To Exercise In A Busy Gym

In an ideal world you would enter the gym with your set program, you would then swan around the gym switching from dumbbells to racks to machines, get all sweaty, leave and continue with your day. Seriously though, when does this ever happen? Before work, during lunch and evenings are always manic times at the gym. But when work calls, realistically, these are the only times the majority of people can commit to. This is by no-means an excuse to opt for 30mins power walking on the treadmill; it simply calls for some better organisation and a little creativity.

Below are 5 ways you can make your way around the gym at rush hour….like a pro!


Every gym will have its own layout. In busier times, it’s not ideal to use a squat rack and then head over to the leg-curl, which is way over the other side. Plan your sessions and working sets around your own gyms lay out.


If in doubt HIIT it! Make a small circuit you can do either on a mat or with minimal equipment. Get in and get out. The small amounts of rest in-between seats will absolutely work in your favour when it comes to keeping that kit.


Use 1 piece of kit for multiple exercises. A power rack or cable machine is perfect for this. All you need to do is adjust a few weights or move a few attachments and your good to go.


Hang that sweaty towel over your piece of kit like a flag over your fortress. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and it works. No one is coming near your sweaty towel or gym equipment. Obviously don’t be an arsehole about this. Common sense and manners still apply.


Training buddies can actually come in very handy when it comes to working out in your busy gym providing you both follow the same session. One works, one rests, its that simple. Also working in supersets and switching between the 2 pieces of kit keeps others from jumping in in-between.

Below is a whole session using only 1 pair of dumbbells, a clock and a bit of floor space.

AMRAP As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. Select a pair of dumbbells and get cracking. Take as little rest as possible but don’t stop the clock.

AMRAP 20 minutes

Goblet squat x10

Straight leg Deadlift x10

Squat Press x10

Alternate Lunge x10


Glute Bridge 3 x 30

Weighted crunch 3 x 20

Plank elbows to hands 3 x 10

Nat Silvester

Nat, as she is known to many of our customers, has an inspirational influence on our female client base. Her experience performing a mixture of strength and movement based practices, helps her educate people on the importance of the blend. Nat certainly has a passion for helping people and her personality shines through when offering a service that is second-to-none to all of her clients. Nat also has a keen eye for nutrition and offers a lot of support through her intrinsic practice.