Hybrid-PT by More Than Muscle

An affordable, flexible and efficient way to hit your fitness goals - for under £200 p/m

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A Hybrid solution

a better way, to train the right way

Get expert level results for a pocket-friendly investment.

Blended Programme

1-1 sessions and a monthly training plan, tailored to you.

Nutritional Guidance

Fuel your body for maximum results that you can sustain.

Unlimited Support

Direct access to your PT for all the advice & support you need.

More Than Muscle are experienced and friendly personal trainers that I often recommend. Their knowledge and passion is obvious, and the results speak for themselves.

take your training up a level

HYBRID-PT replaces boring workout apps and expensive diets for one flat monthly fee, with results coming thick and fast.

Having participated in various forms of training over the years, I can confidently state that I have never had a more enjoyable experience, distinguished by its high levels of professionalism and results.

Refine your workouts

Stay independent, but add some expert guidance to transform your workouts, with a mixed 1-1 & solo training programme.

Ditch the fad diets

Stop the yo-yo. Start seeing progress with a nutrition plan that is built for you, your body & your personality.

Connect with an actual human

Your expert PT is on hand to support & advise you as often as you need. Game changer!

Flex with Hybrid-PT

Every client's goals are different. This isn't a locked-in, generic programme for all. Get a monthly training plan, backed by science & tailored to your needs including:

Muscle Building

Fat Loss

Strength Training

Athletic Development

Injury Rehabilitation


Let's keep things simple

No surprises. Month to Month. Pause or cancel as you need.


For gym-goers looking to take their training up a level


Pause or cancel anytime.

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What's Included:

• 2 x personal training sessions pcm

• Fully tailored program to your goals that updates monthly

• Nutrition guidance to support

• Support via instant messaging & email from your coach


What is the Hybrid-PT package?

Hybrid-PT was designed to bring a taste of what our elite personal training services offer, in a more affordable & flexible package, for those looking to up their fitness & performance.

What exactly do I get with Hybrid-PT?

Hybrid-PT combines the best of our 1-1 personal training sessions, supplemented with a personal monthly programme & nutrition guidance. You also get unlimited PT support online via WhatsApp & email for any advice or questions you may have each month.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a taste of our elite personal training sessions! Although we tend to find it's particularly useful for beginners & existing gym-goers, looking for expert guidance to take their training up a level or two.

Under £200...what's the catch?


The Hybrid-PT package is designed specifically to help our clients achieve their goals through an affordable but quality service. Times are getting tougher, but your health is still important! We want to keep people feeling happier, stronger & empowered to tackle whatever life throws at them.

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A nutrition tailored to your lifestyle & goals

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A personal nutrition specialist to guide you

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Feel and healthier and happier within 6 weeks