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Highly experienced female trainers, dedicated to helping women feel stronger, happier & fitter in their daily lives.

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Looking for a female Personal Trainer to help you make real progress?

Our coaches know exactly how to unlock your training barriers & help you see some real progress, quickly! With a holistic approach, we can help you maximise your results.

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Got That 'Gym Dread' Feeling?

We all know how it feels to be intimidated walking into that gym sometimes. What exercises are right for you? Are your workouts right for your goals? And where do you even start? Machines, weights, bars…or the trusty old cardio options? That workout you Googled doesn’t seem to really be doing that much, but maybe you just need some more time, again?

Can a pt help?

You’ve been thinking of asking around for a little advice, but everyone seems so focused on what they’re doing. The PT’s wandering around the gym don’t really give the vibe that your goals will be more important than their Instagram...

So what do you do?

Female-only group fitness session on the mats
female personal trainer helping a client with dumbell workout

You need someone you can connect with.

Someone who really understands what you want to achieve and exactly where you’re starting from. You want to be able to walk into your workouts feeling empowered and focused, with the progress and results building each rep.

At More Than Muscle, all our coaches love helping women feel great about themselves. Not just physically, but mentally too.

Empowering women through fitness

It’s important to understand that everyone’s health & fitness journey is different.

We recognise this, and we help you push yourself harder to achieve your goals in an accountable and safe environment. But most importantly, it’s about enjoying your journey. That’s what brings the true feeling of empowerment to our clients.

If you’re not smiling somewhere under those beads of sweat, it's pointless!

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A nutrition tailored to your lifestyle & goals

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Feel and healthier and happier within 6 weeks

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Benefits of Personal Training for ladies


You deserve to feel confident in your body & mindset with a level of body positivity you never thought you could achieve


Feel fitter & stronger in ways that feel good for YOU. Step-by-step & fully supported.


Feel empowered on this journey of self-discovery, with the confidence to continue to grow.

The Process

How It Works?

We've got exceptional results for hundreds of clients over the past decade, so we know what works. We keep things simple, enjoyable but structured with close support. Everything we do is evidence-based and backed by data.

» Get in touch
Arrange a ‘no-strings’ chat with one of our trainers. We’ll ask about your goals, current situation and what you’re hoping we can help you achieve. This also helps us understand which coach will be perfect for your needs.

» Initial assessment
We dive into what you need to achieve those goals with a physical evaluation. We can benchmark where you are currently & take into account everything we need to help you get those exceptional results.

» tailored training
All this data combines to build your custom training plan. From regularly refreshed workouts to nutritional advice. We always use a holistic approach with all our clients.

Work With Us

What you get?

before and after picture from working with the More Than Muscle PT's

✔ Guidance & support from our experienced female personal trainers.

✔ Help to reach your goals quickly & safely with the knowledge to support you on the way.

✔ Expert coaching and bespoke training plans tailored to you, your body & your personal goals, whatever they may be.

Train with Nat & ANnabel


What Our ladies Are Saying…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Nat is amazing. Quite simply, the best personal trainer I have ever had! She is great fun, easy to spend a few hours with every week, and she has helped me to get transformative results. One year in…..I am 4 stone lighter, much stronger and in the best shape I have experienced in years.

Nancy C.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Everyone needs a trainer, and if you can, you need a Natalie. I was definitely scared and anxious of getting a trainer and hitting the gym, but Nat made it as comfortable and seamless as possible. She's helped me gain confidence in the gym, teaching me everything that I both wanted and needed to know about weight lifting. If you're in Surrey and in need of a trainer to help you kick-start your health journey, Natalie and Andy are the ones for you.

Roxie. O
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I don’t ‘go to the gym’ - I train and my PT Natalie from More Than Muscle makes this happen!
I am so pleased with the results I’m getting. I’ve tried every gym class and exercise fad going but I’m fully converted to PT sessions with More Than Muscle - friendly trainers, great facilities and super motivational. Highly recommend!!

Laura B.
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