Fat Loss: Healthy Weight Loss That Lasts

The More Than Muscle mantra is all about helping normal people gain exceptional results.

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Looking to lose weight but finding it a struggle?

The crazy thing with this is that fat loss seems easy when it comes to science. Maintain a calorie deficit for a long enough period, and weight loss will occur over time.

Simple! Or is it?

Energy balance and thermodynamics suggest that if you’re eating less, moving more, and keeping your calorie deficit consistent, you will lose fat.

On paper, it is that straightforward, but for many, this is a huge struggle. Some prevalent mistakes overcomplicate the whole process.

Some of these include:

  • Using non-bespoke, extreme diet regimes that are all or nothing.
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Hating the process and only focussing on the outcomes – No fun
  • Concentrate on the unimportant things rather than what’s needed
  • Basing everything on cardio and caloric output
  • Having no form of accountability inducing counteractive behaviours to the goal
  • Lie to themselves about what passes their lips when it comes to nutrition and calories
  • No direct plan of action with regards to a training program that progresses over time
  • Failing to have a long-term mindset behind the goal
  • Making excuses or, ultimately, not making the goal a priority

Why More Than Muscle?

More Than Muscle have been fat loss experts for almost a decade.

Our team of highly skilled practitioners cater for a wide variety of both male & female clients, from city workers and professionals to beginners.

It’s something we’re incredibly proud of and continues to further our knowledge daily. This is imperative to remain at the forefront of the health and fitness industry. Over the years, we’ve trained hundreds of people, including helping other personal trainers better their professional practice with their customers. The team has over 20,000 hours of assisting clients to achieve their fat loss goals.

We wrote the book on it

In 2016 we released our eBook More Than Physique. The eBook has sold on every continent of the globe. It educates people to reach their physique goals. Giving them enough baseline knowledge to build their next 12 weeks of training. So our trainers not only know to help you reach your fat loss goals but have the passion for helping you do so as well.

All our trainers have first-hand experience training themselves and training their clients.The More Than Muscle mantra is all about helping normal people gain exceptional results.

Fat Loss Myths

Like many things surrounding the health and fitness industry, there are plenty of fat loss myths.

Fat loss is not as simple as doing the right thing for a day and seeing the result!

It’s a process, so there is no magic pill for it.

As a result, many people fall at the first or second hurdle, reinforcing the myths. As trainers, we battle these misconceptions daily. Social media has made information so readily available.

Many ‘influencers’ spit out pseudoscience either because they are uneducated or because there’s some form of paid advertising incentive behind their posts.

Some of the common myths we try to combat:
- ‘My metabolism is why I can’t lose the required weight.’
- ‘It runs in my family. My genetics prevent me from losing weight.’
- ‘I’ve tried the lot. I must be ‘made’ to not lose weight.’
- ‘I think I have the fat gene, so weight loss is a pointless exercise for me.’

The truth is that science proves that weight loss can be achieved with a well-structured approach. This is especially true when training and nutrition protocols are set up based on the individual.

Our own experience with customers proves that anybody who adheres to nutrition principles in a method that works for them can achieve weight loss no matter their starting point.

That’s why we work bespoke to the individual. It’s just a case of getting assessed by a professional and set up a tailored pathway to help people succeed in the short and long term.

The More Than Muscle approach to fat loss

We are in the business of being personal! That’s why all our clients begin with an hour of in-depth assessments.

We focus on three main areas:

  • Body Composition Skin Fold Analysis
  • Biomechanics Movement Screening
  • Food Diary Analysis

Body Composition Skin Fold Analysis
This test is a chance to get our client’s body composition checked. We use a 12-point calliper skin fold reading to see how your body composition is made up. It offers body fat percentage, lean body mass, and total weight readings.

We can see total skin folds in millimetres and begin to understand how this correlates to your current training and nutritional status. It also offers insights on how we can help best manage body composition, allowing us to set realistic milestones and expectations moving forward. As well as work with nutrition and training programs alongside it.

The body composition assessment is one that we revisit monthly to track progress and manipulate training programs for progression.

Biomechanics Movement screening
Everybody is built slightly differently.

That means the way each person moves will also be different. Generic exercises that don’t cater to the way you move can induce pain, so people don’t enjoy doing them. Therefore, a lot of people don’t like exercising.

This movement screening allows us to understand your leverage, previous injuries and compensations and determine which way of moving best fits you. For us, this is a massive solution to helping you progress. We want to train with intensity from the offset. So, doing this around your bespoke profile is paramount.

This information allows us to build your exercise regime based on your current status and will enable us to help fix and execute any minor issues along the way.

If you’re stronger and move more efficiently, then energy output increases simultaneously during your time away from the gym. You walk more and do things you couldn’t do before.

Remember, you spend more time away from us than with us, so this is a vital component of your weight loss.

Food Diary Analysis
The final stage of our assessments looks at the trends associated with your nutrition.

We will request a week-long food diary to analyse food intake, eating behaviours and your level of nutritional knowledge. This will give us a lot of information. From here, we can understand the best process to use for your nutrition. Also, how do we marry that up with your short & long term weight loss goals?

Giving someone a set of calories and macronutrient numbers to follow isn’t nutritional coaching.

Neither is providing blanket meal plans.

The assessment allows us to coach you through your nutrition. Be that behaviourally or through the facts behind your intake.

When clients go through this process, they tend to develop better associations with their food and their choices. They also tend to see long term sustained weight loss as a consequence.

Once complete, your coach will develop your initial bespoke training and nutrition plans. These tend to progress every 3-6 weeks to ensure progress is achieved systematically. What gets measured then gets managed. Our analytical, data-driven approach allows our coaches to be more effective at getting you results.

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Why Excessive Fat Is Harmful to Our Health

Aside from having fat loss goals for aesthetic purposes, it’s essential to keep in mind that having excess fat can cause harm to your health.

Not everybody wants to look beach-ready all year round.

But keeping your body fat levels down to a healthy percentage is a vital component of your overall health. Obesity is a growing problem in the UK, and it’s a condition that can be harmful to people, killing 2.8 million per year. This is especially true if body fat is unhealthy in its distribution.

Thus, some people are predisposed to these health risks over others as we can’t control where we genetically put fat on. Excess body fat puts strains on vital organs and can cause changes in hormones and metabolism because of excessive inflammation. Don’t be fooled, though. Body fat is not just what you can see. Fat can build up in your organs, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Being obese increases your chances of:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Liver disease
  • Gall Bladder disease
  • Certain cancers
  • Pregnancy complications
  • and depression

Benefits of reducing body fat

A large waistline typically means “visceral” fat.

This type of fat isn’t the same as your belly fat or otherwise known as subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat is deep inside your body and not the kind of fat you can pinch with your fingers. This type of fat build-up is the dangerous type of fat that lives beneath your abdominal walls covering your organs.

We now recognise that visceral fat around this area is linked to higher mortality rates. It’s another reason why males need to be extra cautious: genetically, they store fat in these regions.

Yet, this doesn’t remove females from being at risk and still means diligence around body fat levels is advised.

Nutrition, exercise and health status are essential as lowering body fat levels means:

  • Better blood sugar control
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Healthier liver
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced heart disease risk
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced cancer risk
  • Less likely to get arthritis
  • Better sexual health
  • Improved mood

Why the more than muscle approach to fat loss works

At More Than Muscle, we try to bridge the gap between your fitness, therapy and nutrition coach. These three elements work together to generate sustainable weight loss and performance-based results.

It’s a significant reason why generic 12-week body plans are not always the answer.

If one of these elements is neglected, it impacts the other two areas, and so your coach is skilled in helping you through these three areas.

Fat loss is a process. Throughout this process, people tend to get lost. Sometimes it’s because of a lack of knowledge, but equally, it can be down to behaviours, emotions and mixed messaging around weight loss. Therefore, the MTM approach to fat loss works so well.

Nutrition for weight loss is also thought to be ‘straightforward’. But understanding your current status and the start point is crucial in setting up a process that allows you to win at your goal.

Our assessment allows us to pull all the relevant data required for a bespoke fat loss process. A data-driven approach allows your coach to be more effective in how they progress your training and nutrition. For us, this is where a lot of individuals go wrong. Remember, a lack of adaptation leads to stagnation, and this means the goal posts must be moved as you meet milestones on your way.

We have found that doing this also serves as a motivational tool in keeping you on board with your goals. It’s human nature to have good days and bad days, and so, the MTM system for fat loss is super effective.

On your 'off' days, your coach will be there. Either adjust your program to allow continued progress or give the kick you need to put you in gear for the session ahead. What gets measured gets managed, and so your coach will be there to make decisions based on the data and not just driven by your emotions.

90 Days

We generally say it takes around 90 days for you to do something sustainable.

During these 90 days, you will work on behaviours and habits around the goal and focus on performance markers that correlate with the overarching goal of fat loss. But many of our customers stay for the long haul as they see such a meaningful return on their investment, that is, their health.

For example, daily step count trackers can be a performance toolset recommended to you by your coach, and this correlates with output away from prescribed exercise. Something like this can instil a behaviour of making sure to walk more during your week whilst also giving you a performance metric to hit daily, like 10,000 steps.

This is just one example of how your coach may put relevant frameworks to help meet your fat loss goals. Putting little systems in place makes the process work, and it’s these little micromanagement elements that people fail to work on that build up to the big end goal. Going hell for leather is an approach we see all too often.

Finally, our coaches have been through the processes with their clients and with themselves. This is important because the emotions behind the process are an integral part of managing your success. Our coaches have experienced and have felt it too first-hand, trying various methods to achieve their fat loss goals. The MTM method is one built on science and experience.

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Fat Loss Transformation
Case Studies

Below you will find some case studies of individuals we’ve worked with. Everyone has followed the MTM method for body composition changes and has seen significant results. Our motto is “normal people exceptional results”, and these clients are walking proof it’s possible.

Chris Stamford 
• Trained 3 x Week
• Lost 33.7Kg
• Duration 12 Months

MTM are amazing! I trained for over a year doing three sessions a week. I lost over 30kg and gained significant strength. My work with MTM completely transformed my body from a weak, fat nerd into a strong one (still a nerd though; nothing can change that!) Most importantly, I built a concrete understanding of nutrition and exercise, which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If there were more than five stars, I would give them. Seriously, if you're an overweight loser and you want to change that, give them a call. It's more than possible - if I can do it, so can you!”

Ben Forrest 
Trained 2 x Week
Transformed his body ready for a photoshoot
Gained 5kg Muscle
Lost 6% Body Fat
Duration 6 months

“I've been working with MTM for 6 months and the progress we've made has been outstanding. Without a doubt the best personal trainers I've ever used, they have helped me take my training to the next level. Highly recommended!”

Georgina Jefferis
Trained 2 x Week
Lost 6.5kg
Lost 10.2% body fat
Duration 12 weeks

“Personal training with More Than Muscle extends far beyond your usual personal training sessions. They are attentive to your needs, pushing you beyond your comfort zone and always on hand to answer any queries outside of your sessions. They get results. Highly recommend them.”

Nicholas Deakin
Trained 2 x Week
Lost 5% Body fat 
Gained 4kg Muscle 
Duration 12 Weeks
Link to daily mail featured article

“The More than Muscle team are amazing. In twelve weeks, I went from scrawny to feeling awesome about myself and my appearance. Looking and feeling great - in 12 weeks I put on >4kg of muscle, lost body fat (down to 5% from 8%) and understand how to maintain this going forwards. Great attentive training, brilliant service and a whole package of advice to optimise diet, exercise and approach. Thank you!”

Roxy Oliveira
Trained 2 x Week
Lost 30kg
Duration 12 months

“I was definitely scared and anxious of getting a trainer and hitting the gym, but MTM made it as comfortable and seamless as possible. MTM helped me gain confidence in the gym, teaching me everything that I both wanted and needed to know about weightlifting. If you're in Surrey and in need of a trainer to help you kick start your health journey More Than Muscle are the ones for you.”

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How long will It take to see the results?

We say give yourself at least 90 days however people begin to see changes within the first month. We would go as far to say that people feel a lot better within the first few weeks. Clients tend to see a return on their investment and stay for the long haul as they view their health as priceless.

Do you cater for female clientele?

We certainly do cater for female weight loss. The female menstrual cycle is something we focus on a lot during the training process. Male and female weight loss is a different ball game, and our experts are skilled enough to help you achieve your goals.

What age are your clients?

We cater for a large array of clients. We have 16-year-olds right through to 80+ year olds. Age is just a number!

Can I do this online or just in person?

We offer both!

Physical 1-1 takes place at our Guildford gym location. Whilst online training takes place from the comfort of wherever you want it.

Can I train around an injury?

Yes and that's exactly why our assessment process is so important.

We find out about your limitations and address a program that helps you get results - without it being a problem. You may find our experts can help make the area more robust or refer out to our professional network of physios for further consultation.

How many times a week do I need to train?

There are a few things you need to consider before you make this decision.

They are:
1. Time available
2. Budget
3. Level of commitment to training on your own outside of your PT sessions.

We have had clients get exceptional results on 1 x training session a week. But equally also on 3 x sessions a week. The more you do with us the more things are catered for, the less you need to dedicate your own time to following the process set out by your coach.

Do you cater for specialist diets?

Yes. Everything is addressed through our assessments. There are many ways to achieve your fitness goals & being bespoke to you is a priority of ours.

Won't I just get bulky lifting weights?

No this is a major misconception.

Great! How can I get started with you guys?

That's amazing news. Head over to our booking form to schedule your free consultation call. One of our experienced personal trainers will arrange a call back to discuss options specifically tailored to your needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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