This page is a chance for us to answer some frequently asked questions! If anything is not answered on here feel free to drop us a message through the contact form on the contact page.

1. How Long Are Package Contracts?

A personal training contract with More Than Muscle lasts a minimum of 12 weeks. We believe, through years of programming and an array of clients from elite level to general population, that 3 months is the bare minimum to help you achieve exceptional results. We want you to not only be proud of your achievements but have enough knowledge to move forward with them. 

2. How Do I Exit My Contract?

We believe that we'll add enough value to you that this won't cross your mind, however simply give us a months notice and your contract will end once your last paid session is complete.

3. Paying For Sessions

All payments are dependent on selection of package however all payments must be paid prior to your first session with us. Once you have selected your package one of our team will be in touch to begin the consultation process. After this an invoice will be sent via email ready for our first session to be booked in.

4. Who Do You Cater For?

We have clients who are complete beginners right through to elite athletes. The process is the same for everyone. Whether you have never stepped foot in to a gym environment or you're used to winning Olympic medals, the consultation process enables us to understand and cater for all levels when we begin our programming preparation for you.

5. Can I Train With A Friend?

Yes! All packages can be conducted privately or semi privately so training with a friend could be a convenient way for 2 people to share the cost of personal training. Semi Private sessions are 75% of a Private session price.

6. Late Cancelation Policy

We have a strict 24-hour cancelation policy, unless for extenuating circumstances your session will be lost.

7. How Long Are My Sessions?

Sessions typically run for 60 minutes unless agreed otherwise between coach and client.

8. How Can I Get A Discount?

We run a referral scheme where by if you refer a friend and they sign up you will receive 10% off your next package.

9. What Is Meant By A Body Composition Test

For body composition and performance goals, we typically take a body fat assessment where by we use caliper skin fold measurements to assess your body fat percentage and lean mass ratios. We use a 12-point method and take various sites of your body. For males we recommend wearing a pair of shorts and for females shorts and a sports bra.

10. Do You Have Corporate Rates?

Yes absolutely! If you have a team or an office that would like to use our services we can set up a corporate rate exclusively to your company. Corporate rates are discussed in regards to the number of people you can bring us access to.

11. What Is Meant By Online Personal Training?

Online PT allows you access to us anywhere in the world. It is an interactive service that enables you to receive coaching from us via our online system. What this service entails is; Training plans every 3-4 weeks depending on goals, tailored nutritional guidelines to support the training, supplements advice, weekly email check ins with your coach, bi-weekly Skype check ins, 24/7 email contact with us, access to our private educational group.

12. Are My Payments Refundable?

Once you make your initial payment you have a cooling off period until your first ever session! Once this session has been completed payments are non refundable. For extenuating circumstances we may offer the value back with the equivalent in sessions.