How to build big arms

Growing arm size is top of the list for a lot of gym goers. There are plenty of ways to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to training.
We'll be unpacking some of the best ways to fine tune your arm workouts, and start selling tickets to your gun show.

Full disclaimer: arm size shouldn't be prioritised over a balanced physique!

Every head

Your biceps have 2 heads, the short and long. And your triceps have 3 heads, the long, lateral, and medial. If you want optimum growth of your arms, your training should stimulate each of these heads sufficiently. Certain exercises work certain heads more than others. For example, the tricep kickback targets the long head more than the other 2. And a close grip bench press has superior medial head stimulation.

Bigger is better

The tricep makes up around 2/3 of your arm. Therefore, it's worth factoring this into your training, as the size of your tricep will have a greater impact on the overall size of your arms.

Stop cheating!

Whether it's bicep or tricep exercises, it can be very easy to use your shoulders to assist any movement. You may not even notice you're doing it!
It's a good idea to practice using a flat surface, like a wall, to prevent elbow swing. Or try recording yourself to see if there's sneaky movement you need to lock down.

Regular, without overkill

To find out more about optimal rep ranges and frequency of training, check out this article.

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