The 12 Best Gyms in Guildford (2022)

If you’re looking for the best gyms in Guildford to join, keep on reading!

We've used our expertise to handpick the top fitness establishments in the area, just for you!

Find and connect with a gym that suits your needs.


Have you ever joined the gym only to be disappointed once you’ve started using its facilities?

Well, this blog is for you. In this article, we've done the research so you can get the most from your gym.

Here's what we found...


Some of the biggest factors that contribute to having a great gym experience are:

  • Location
  • Opening times around busy periods
  • How much a gym membership costs?
  • Is it Pay as you go or a contract membership?
  • Ratings & Reviews

Let’s dive in...

The Shortlist

  1. The Gym Group
  2. ActivZone
  3. Guildford Lido
  4. The Guildford Spectrum
  5. GU1 Fitness
  6. Mavericks
  7. Surrey Sports Park
  8. Nuffield Health
  9. Crossfit Guildford
  10. Snap Fitness
  11. Studio 1
  12. Locker 27

Keep reading for the full breakdowns & comparison chart...

5 things to consider...

Before we get into the details, some context.

We've tried to cover Guildford and the surrounding areas as thoroughly as we can. In order to do this, we've based it upon our own criteria.

In other words, how would we select a positive & enjoyable training environment? One that would give us the best chance of long term results. One that ticks our own personal boxes.

Never forget, your journey is your own. These are only some friendly tips on what you could look out for, to help frame your decisions.

1. Location

Personally, one of the first things I look at when choosing a gym is the location. Make sure your gym selection fits within your lifestyle.

If it’s miles away, I'm pretty sure I'll find more excuses not to go instead of actually going. So, unless you have an uber-specialised reason, location and travel time is going to be very important.

There's a study in the US where 7.5 million people took part to explore the effects of distance on gym attendance. Anything more than 4 miles or more than 15 minutes travel time, affected users attendance. Presence in the gym was 4 times greater if people considered those aspects.

The next 3 things I look for when selecting my gym are equally as  important.

2. How much is it going to cost me?

Prices are obviously important!

At the end of the day, I've got to be able to afford my membership. But also, I need to know what I'm getting for my money. Now, you might also be considering a personal trainer. We've got a handy article to help you break down the options here.

3. Membership options & Facilities

Some gyms will provide you with a sole membership and you can use the gym at your pleasure so long as it’s open. Others require usage at certain times, for example peak and off peak.

Do they have a functional training area, what level of resistance equipment, free weights or cardiovascular machines?

Often memberships come with added benefits too.

Perks like fitness classes, personal trainers, guest passes for friends, or access to other facilities around the gym - like saunas, cafés and swimming pools.

One of the things I tend to check is what the exit clause looks like if I wanted to leave. Some gyms need you to have a 12-month contract, whereas others only need 90 days. But remember, many gyms will also need a one month’s notice period before you do leave.

For me, this is important to find out because life often changes, and my commitment may need to also.

4. Opening times

Next on the list is their opening and closing times.

This is particularly important if you train before work or after work. It’s often a key factor in my decision for committing, because it has to fit around my work and home life.

For example, check the weekend opening times. These can often differ and so if you plan to use the gym at the weekends this may affect your timings. That said, getting familiar with opening times will help you make decisions on when is the best time for you.

Understanding the busy times at the gym and planning around that could serve as a useful tool.  You can get your workouts done without any disruptions. And, you can have a more enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, you may like going at busier times for the social aspect.

Training alongside likeminded individuals might be your thing.

Even better, it may motivate you to train harder.


The important thing is to understand what the gym offers and select the best options for you.

5. Ratings & Reviews

Finally, I always look at the Google reviews & rating.

You can get a good, 'real user' feel for the gym this way. As you know, the reviews tend to paint a pretty thorough picture with common themes.  It’s good to use these for awareness but it's important that you still go see for yourself. Everyone is different!

Most gyms offer day passes so try before you commit.

It's definitely something I'd encourage you to do. Take a few weeks. Get about the gyms. See which one gives you the best feeling, and if it meets the needs of your training & exercise regime. This is often be the best way to do it. Some gyms even offer week-long passes which is great to help you make your decision!

So without further ado, let's take a look at the breakdown...

Gyms near GU1

1. The Gym Guildford

Location: 3 Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford GU1 1BA

A fantastic reason to go to this gym is that it has 24-hour access, and its price point is reasonable at £26.99pcm.

The Gym group are known for having many locations. So some membership options allow you to use multiple sites. This may be useful particularly if you work in London during the week!

The Gym is often seen as a student hotspot and can get busy during peak hours. Be sure to take that into consideration when selecting your gym.

If just going to the gym to train or using a class is your motive, then this style of gym may be the one for you.

2. ActivZone

Location: Within Guildford College, Stoke Rd, GU1 1EZ

ActivZone follows a more bespoke offering based in the grounds of Guildford college. This independent little gym is a friendly environment. It offers a range of classes with its flagship membership.

The gym is also full of independent personal trainers - such as the More Than Muscle team! So if a more personable approach is what you're looking for, then this gym may be right up your street.

The ActivZone membership starts at £35pcm, and it has a growing community of friendly gym goers. Take a look...

3. Guildford Lido

Location: Stoke Road, Guildford, GU1 1HB

Associated with freedom leisure and the Guildford Spectrum, the Guildford Lido has been around for a long time. Asides from what it’s known for, the outdoor swimming pool, there's a little gym tucked away on its grounds.

If the spectrum gym isn't your cup of tea, then the Lido gym is often more quiet and very well equipped.

The only downside however, is that its hours of opening aren’t as flexible. But if this works for you, then this hidden gem can be a great place to get a workout done!

4. Guildford Spectrum

Location: Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex Parkway, Guildford, GU1 1UP

Guildford’s oldest health complex!

Like Surrey Sports Park this leisure centre offers a variety of usages. The gym is run by freedom leisure, and is fully equipped with resistance and cardio kit.

You can go bowling or ice skating. Or even enjoy the swimming pools and sports halls for different classes. If your fitness needs go beyond the gym, then the Spectrum can be a good choice with a lot of variety for you.

5. GU1 Fitness

Location: Unit C, First Floor Tunsgate Quarter, GU1 3HE

GU1 Fitness is within the high-end, recently redeveloped area of the Tunsgate quarter.

Comprising of a boutique style gym, fuel bar and classes, this little gym is right in the hustle and bustle of Guildford’s centre.

The lack of private parking may be something to consider. But if you’re happy to use one of Guildford's many car parks it'll be a doddle to get to. Think of it as a cool down on the end of a workout!

Make sure you factor that into your expense calculations. Or maybe consider if you’re within walking distance.

6. Mavericks

Location: Park St One, Guildford, GU1 4XB

If martial arts are your passion or you want to learn something new, then Maverick’s gym may be perfect for you.

Not everyone craves the gym for their fitness and so learning a code of BJJ or Jujitsu may be what you’re after. Group classes and 1-1 coaching is offered for all levels.

Gyms near GU2

7. Surrey Sports Park

Location: Surrey Sports Park, University of Surrey, Richard Meyjes Road, Guildford Surrey, GU2 7AD

A complex that has many things going on within it and was used for the London 2012 Olympics as an athlete village. Situated near the University of Surrey, it offers a variety of options for fitness fans. From a fully-equipped gym, sports teams and rock-climbing wall. To Olympic swimming pools, artificial football pitches and Starbucks coffee. There is a lot of options on offer.

The use of this complex is incredible and memberships to the gym start at £40pcm.

Depending on your fitness needs, Surrey Sports Park has a diverse offering for all.

8. Nuffield Health

Location: Railton Road, Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford GU2 9LX

Nuffield is one of the biggest health clubs in the UK. Fortunately, we have one on our doorstep.

The health club is more than a gym. Comprising of a swimming pool, spa, café, beauty room, physiotherapy and class studios. The gym has state-of-the-art Technogym equipment and a large car parking facility at the front.

Memberships start at around £57 pcm, but you are required to commit to a 12-month contract. If you're looking for the full experience, not just the use of a gym, Nuffield Health Guildford is a great shout!

Gyms near GU3

9. Crossfit Guildford

Location: Unit 8 Pew Corner, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford GU3 1LP

Situated on the old Portsmouth Road near the park and ride, CrossFit Guildford offers a range of CrossFit style workouts.

The gym is also home to Guildford weightlifting club and so if this is what you’re looking for then this gym may be for you.

With a variety of memberships and classes this is another gym with a close community.

Gyms near Guildford

10. Snap Fitness Godalming

Location: 46-56 High Street, Godalming GU7 1DY

A gym situated on the main Godalming town centre car park. Like the gym group, this gym allows you to go and get your training sessions in, without the hassle of a leisure centre.

Gym based with classes. But prices aren't stated on their website. I imagine it wouldn’t be out of the price range of competitive gyms that are like it.

11. Studio 1 Aldershot

Location: Unit 7, Hurlands Business Centre, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 9JE

Again, depending where you are, Studio 1 is slightly further out from the centre of Guildford.

However, if bodybuilding's your passion, then the journey is well worth it.

Situated in Aldershot, this gym is kitted out with specialist bodybuilding equipment. The sort of bodybuilding environment that's often craved by dedicated trainees. Memberships start at £30pcm.

12. Locker 27 Weybridge

Location: Weybridge Trading Estate Hamm Moor Lane, Addlestone KT15 2SD

Last but not least, is Locker 27.

It's further out from Guildford but it's on the list for those readers close-by.

Based in Weybridge, if athletic development is up your street, then this gym is for you. Specialised equipment, gym use, coaching and classes are available at this 10,000 square foot unit. With Weightlifting, CrossFit, boxing, yoga, youth development and strength and conditioning services all available too.

Memberships starting at around £50pcm.

Comparison Table

Gym Price Opening Hours Google Review Score
Nuffield Health From £57pcm 12 month contract M-F 6.30am-10pm
S/S 8am-8pm
4.7 stars
The Gym From £26.99pcm Open 24 hours 4.1 stars
ActivZone From £35pcm M-T 6am-9pm
F - 6am-6pm
S/S - 8am-2pm
4.6 stars
Surrey Sports Park From £40pcm M-F 6am-10.30pm
S 7am-7pm
S 7am-10pm
4.5 stars
The Guildford Spectrum   M/W 9am-9pm
T/F 7am-9pm
S/S 8.30am-10.30pm
4.2 stars
Snap Fitness      
Locker 27 From £50pcm M/T 6.30am-9.30pm
F 6am-8.30pm
S 7.30am-6pm
S 9am-4pm
5 Stars
Studio 1 From £30pcm M/T 7am-9pm
F 7am-8pm
S 9am-6pm
S 12pm-2pm
4.8 stars
Mavericks   M/T 12pm-2pm/4.30pm-9.30pm
F 12pm-2pm/ 6-8pm
S 10am-4pm
S Closed
5 stars
Crossfit Guildford From £40pcm M/F 6am-10pm
S/S 9am-1pm
5 stars
GU1 Fitness   M/T 6am-9pm
F 6am-8pm
S/S 8am-4pm
4.9 stars
Guildford Lido   M/W 7.30am-5pm
T/F 7.30am-2pm
S/S 8am-4pm
4.3 stars


Guildford and the surrounding areas has quite an offering when it comes to fitness and gyms. When I select a gym, I look for 4 areas: location, financials, timings and reviews. In this article I hope I’ve broken that down for you illustrating my opinion on the 12 best gyms in Guildford.

Andy Pilides

Andy has over 10 years of experience in the field of training, nutrition, and exercise science. He has a lifetime of practice, using various methods of weight-room & field-based training principles, on himself and in abundance on a vast amount of people of all different body types. Andy holds a Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning.