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Ten Benefits To Strength Training Posted on 10/10/2017

The history of strength training has been around for decades, however schools of thought still believe it may be harmful for you (although this is changing for the better as science gets more advanced.) Contrary to the belief that weight training... read more

Weight Loss- The Fundamentals Posted on 12/09/2017

Weight loss is a typical topic on many of my clients’ agendas. Over the past decade of looking after clients from all walks of life, the majority all arrive with a similar problem and that is the struggle to lose weight. Everyone has tried... read more

How To Start With Health And Fitness Posted on 30/08/2017

So your here again, the kids are about to go back to school and you’re about to embark on your annual health and fitness quest. But, have you thought about where you went wrong last time? Consider these simple steps to keep your health a... read more

Are you Juicing? Posted on 14/08/2017

So what is juicing? Fruit and vegetables are squeezed and pressed until they are extracted of their natural juices. This juice is then drunk throughout the day in replace of all meals and snacks. On average, a juicing diet will suggest you follow... read more