Online PT

Have one of our experienced Personal Trainers look after your training plans remotely.

Online Personal Training

Online personal training is a fantastic way to get all the benefits you’ll receive with our traditional 1-2-1 services but with the added flexibility of conducting it anywhere in the world. We currently have online clients training all over the UK, US and Europe who we have constant and on-going contact with. Your coach will keep you on track via email and bi-weekly Skype calls to ensure you succeed with your goals. Ideal if you’re already a gym member and self-motivated but looking for extra guidance. All training plans will be sent as a package via email.

Our online service consists of:



-Progressive training plans via our app

-Progressive nutritional support correlated to your training 

-Weekly check-ins with your coach

-Bi-weekly Skype calls with your coach 

-24/7 email support if you have questions needed answering 

-Access to our support forum  

-Supplementation advice


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