Max Dodd

Senior Personal Trainer

Max brings upbeat energy to every session, making workouts something to look forward to each week for his clients. Max ensures customers not only get the visible results they want, but also feel and move better as well. Basketball and marathon running are two passions of Max's, and he has worked with many hard-nosed coaches that taught him a lot over the years.

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How to build big arms

Growing arm size is top of the list for a lot of gym goers. There are plenty of ways to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to training.

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Sleep & It's Impact On Muscle Recovery

Counting sheep is just as important as counting reps if you want to optimise your results in the gym.

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Rep ranges - Which Works Best For Your Training?

Whatever range you’re working in, your final 1-2 reps must be challenging and close to muscular failure if you want to see results. This ensures your body is receiving enough stimulus to adapt.

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