Happy Customers

It is imperative to us that our clients learn, progress and leave every single session with a complete satisfaction with the service delivered to them. Customer feedback is something we love at More Than Muscle and so here are some of our happy customers:

Diren Kartal Footballer & Personal Trainer BEFORE
Diren Kartal Footballer & Personal Trainer AFTER
Diren Kartal Footballer & Personal Trainer

'MTM have helped me out not only as a personal trainer but as an athlete too. Coach Andy is one of the few coaches I reach out to for any type of Strength & Conditioning tips. His knowledge on nutrition really takes his clients to the next level and his personality makes him great to train with. Andy and his team are always open to learning and thats why they are always moving forward!'

Reveena Paul BEFORE
Reveena Paul AFTER
Reveena Paul

This is the first time I have used a Personal Trainer and I have loved every session! Natalie is incredibly friendly, approachable and very understanding. She listens to you and is willing to adapt sessions based on how you feel that week. She is also very encouraging and really pushes you to get the most out of your money and time. Each month she switches up the programme which prevents boredom and always keeps the body guessing. In 4 months I lost over 10kg and whilst I look much better, the best thing about Nat is the way she makes you feel! She is always smiling and has such great energy even if it is at 7 in the morning. I highly recommend More than Muscle if you are after PT's with personality, knowledge and are passionate about transforming people's lives and outlook on health and fitness.

Sandeep, Commercial Analysis for ITV, London
Sandeep, Commercial Analysis for ITV, London

I have been training with Natalie for a few months now, She is really motivational, happy and easy to talk to. I know I can always ask her for advice on how I can eat and train better. Never thought I would actually enjoy going to the gym but with her I do! I would highly recommend Natalie!

Louis, Wintel Engineer, London
Louis, Wintel Engineer, London

I have been working with Natalie coming up to a year now and it has been great. My strength has greatly increased as well as my form. I can highly recommend More than Muscle. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of training.

Emily Kendall, Director at Kendall Sports Therapy Guildford BEFORE
Emily Kendall, Director at Kendall Sports Therapy Guildford AFTER
Emily Kendall, Director at Kendall Sports Therapy Guildford

I am a sports therapist and need my clients to go to a personal trainer that has the knowledge to be able to provide tailored programs to help provide rehabilitation, and get my clients on their way to recovery. This is why I never fail to recommend Natalie and Andy as they not only have the knowledge, but the passion and creativity to deliver enjoyable sessions.

Jay Benedetti Personal Trainer & Director Of Onpoint Training BEFORE
Jay Benedetti Personal Trainer & Director Of Onpoint Training AFTER
Jay Benedetti Personal Trainer & Director Of Onpoint Training

I have been working with Andy for the last three years, developing my programme design skills as a coach and adapting my own training for my personal goals. The online education provided by More Than Muscle has helped me provide my clients with a better service and provided me with the motivation and guidance to continue progressing. What I have learnt from Andy is invaluable and he is always there at the end of the phone when I have a question, I just want to be the best I can and continue to provide the best service to my clients. If this sounds like you then I highly recommend you take advantage of the services offered by Andy and his team.

Despina Pilides Personal Trainer BEFORE
Despina Pilides Personal Trainer AFTER
Despina Pilides Personal Trainer

I have never had results like this before! Not only with my physical appearance, but mentally too! MTM are truly world class! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my journey! Can't recommend them enough. Completely bespoke, with a track record of lots of success'. My experience with the team has only ever been positive, so much so that now I have become a trainer myself.

Alan Oakes, Director at A.D.O Builders, Surrey BEFORE
Alan Oakes, Director at A.D.O Builders, Surrey AFTER
Alan Oakes, Director at A.D.O Builders, Surrey

Just stated my first session with more than muscle today . I'm out of shape and a little over weight so need a solution , Andy and Natalie seem to foot the bill . A little apprehensive to start but really enjoyed my session .. highly recommend

Ash Kania Electrician & MMA Fighter BEFORE
Ash Kania Electrician & MMA Fighter AFTER
Ash Kania Electrician & MMA Fighter

Great coaches who understand how the body works. Really helped me get rid of a lot of niggling injuries. I defiantly improved my training efficiency and results from my training!

Amaresh Ray Product Manager BEFORE
Amaresh Ray Product Manager AFTER
Amaresh Ray Product Manager

I'm grateful to have been working with Andy for the last year and half — the personal care and attention he gives to his clients is fantastic! I've learnt a lot about how my body works and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds. Thanks again Andy!

JDM Studio Director BEFORE
JDM Studio Director AFTER
JDM Studio Director

I have been training with Andy at More Than Muscle for two and a half years. Not only did he help me achieve my goals quickly by strategically combining muscle building, weight loss, and nutrition, but he’s taught me how to keep it off on my own.

Nicholas Deakin Banker BEFORE
Nicholas Deakin Banker AFTER
Nicholas Deakin Banker

Andy and the More than Muscle team are amazing. In 12 weeks, I went from scrawny to feeling awesome about myself and my appearance. Looking and feeling great - in 12 weeks I put on >4kg of muscle, lost body fat (down to 5% from 8%) and understand how to maintain this going forwards. Great attentive training, brilliant service and a whole package of advice to optimise diet, exercise and approach. Thank you!

Grace Brown GB Tag Rugby International & Personal Trainer BEFORE
Grace Brown GB Tag Rugby International & Personal Trainer AFTER
Grace Brown GB Tag Rugby International & Personal Trainer

'I’ve been working with Andy since July 2016, I first asked Andy to write my program as I had been selected to represent Great Britain for tag rugby and needed a more sport specific training program to improve my performance. After doing a full assessment, he put together not only a sport specific program but an injury prevention program that was to help improve my mobility and correct imbalances that I had in the body. I cannot recommend Andy enough: his attention to detail, his persistence to get your body working efficiently, personalised programs and his ridiculous knowledge. Thank you so much for your support, I look forward to working with you over the next few years!'

Luke Goulden Personal Trainer BEFORE
Luke Goulden Personal Trainer AFTER
Luke Goulden Personal Trainer

'I have worked closely with the More Than Muscle team for 6 months plus now and cannot recommend them enough. My whole approach to health and lifestyle has changed in a positive and manageable way, I don't only look a lot better but feel and move more efficiently.'

Jack Maroni Boxer & Personal Trainer BEFORE
Jack Maroni Boxer & Personal Trainer AFTER
Jack Maroni Boxer & Personal Trainer

'The experience that I received from More Than Muscle was outstanding. Not only did Andy help me in getting to my leanest condition I have ever been in but he is currently helping me achieve my athletic goals and building me up to a return to the boxing ring. A definite 5/5 recommendation from me.'

Nuno Farinha Software Engineer & Irish Dancer BEFORE
Nuno Farinha Software Engineer & Irish Dancer AFTER
Nuno Farinha Software Engineer & Irish Dancer

Coach Andy has done a fantastic job helping me achieving my goals. Very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and body motion, he makes informed decisions about workout and nutrition programmes using data collected from the client’s measurements over time and the latest research. He makes a thorough assessment of one’s capabilities and skills and customises the programmes to best suit the client.

Amy Heinen Technical Project Manager & Running Enthusiast BEFORE
Amy Heinen Technical Project Manager & Running Enthusiast AFTER
Amy Heinen Technical Project Manager & Running Enthusiast

Andy is a fantastic personal trainer and really cares about helping his clients achieve their goals no matter what they are, be it fat loss, strength, or just holding really heavy camera kit. He's very knowledgable and stays on top of any latest information out there to make sure he brings the best to his clients. Working with Andy has not only helped me correct muscle imbalances to improve my stability and reduce my proneness to injury, but also helped me recover from several niggling injuries.

Cherelle Rose Patterson, Miss Jamaica BEFORE
Cherelle Rose Patterson, Miss Jamaica AFTER
Cherelle Rose Patterson, Miss Jamaica

'Coach Andy made me realise food is 80% of what you need to achieve for your overall dream body, it plays a massive part from energy levels, skin maintenance and many other important attributes to training.'

Alex Maxwell MMA Athlete
Alex Maxwell MMA Athlete

Andy and the MTM team are great! They have injected science, and structure into my training. They understand my needs as an MMA athlete, and have done assessments to understand my physiology, my strengths, my weaknesses, my imbalances, my injuries, and cater to all of it in their programmes. They motivate me to work harder in the weight room, and take better care of my nutrition. Would highly recommend for both sports specific athletes or people who just want to get fit!

Ben Forrest BEFORE
Ben Forrest AFTER
Ben Forrest

I've been working with Andy and MTM for 6 months and the progress we've made has been outstanding. Without a doubt the best personal training I've ever used, they have helped me take my training to the next level. Highly recommended!

Michael Brandon BEFORE
Michael Brandon AFTER
Michael Brandon

I've known Andy for most of my life, but until I stepped into the gym and saw him and Natalie at work I never appreciated the level of dedication this man has to helping others achieve. Unlike your typical PT, who will focus on 'getting you stacked' or just biceps, Andy designs programs from the ground up about your body's individual needs, how to fix any things that aren't quite right and how your overall physique can be improved as a result. I'm currently in week 6 with him and have lost 4kg, and Just under 4 inches from my stomach. Not only does he provide advice on exercise (which he gives his undivided attention for whilst in the gym - unlike some PTs who are more interested in Instagram) he also gives wholesome and honest advice on lifestyle, nutrition and supplements. He doesn't judge you for having a bad food day, he says life is for living and you should enjoy yourself - a refreshing approach. As long as you are improving bit by bit, he is happy and will put in as much as you do, plus 20% more. I've also read the book that him and Natalie have written and I found it not only helpful in terms of understanding how our program is designed and the reasons for certain exercises, but it's got some tasty recipes in there also and so I thoroughly recommend it! If you are looking to improve yourself over all, and work damn hard to get where you want to be - look no further than More then Muscle.

James Caine
James Caine

Absolutely impeccable service. I'm currently going through a transformation which is a complete lifestyle change for me. I'm currently in my 18th week of training through online PT with Andy Pilides and I can honestly say the process has completely changed my life around. I'm an ex 100m sprinter and still only in my mid-late 20's and since coming out of the Sport, I've drifted from programme to programme, giving up within 6 weeks...that was until I enlisted Andy's help. His knowledge and support have enabled me to gain real focus, educate myself on nutrition and training and allow me to progress in an environment that suits me which is based from home. I've never enjoyed going to a gym and needed something that would allow me to use my own equipment from home and have a programme built around this. With Andy's expertise and advice, I've now found a way to see a clear vision of what I want to achieve and I'm confident I can continue progressing as I have been doing over the last 18 weeks. The money spent has been worth every penny!

James McCrory
James McCrory

I have been working with Andy and MTM for a number of years and his instruction and guidance have taken my level of fitness, physique, and most importantly, understanding of how the body and nutrition work and inter-relate, to the next level. If you are looking for a trainer that: (i) has a deep knowledge of the mechanics of the body; and/or (ii) will prepare and implement bespoke programs (nutrition and training) that are tailored to your body and goals, I cannot recommend Andy enough. As an indication of the depth of his knowledge, every time that I have picked up an injury (outside of the gym I hasten to add, not on his watch), Andy has diagnosed the issue and recommended exercises to speed recovery each time 100% in alignment with advice from professional physiotherapists and chiropracters with whom I have simultaneously consulted.