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How to improve your Heart Health Posted on 16/11/2018

When we reflect on the positive effects of leading a healthy lifestyle, we tend to focus on, and give credit to, results we can see and feel. Whether it’s stronger lifting capabilities through increased muscle mass or looser fitting clothes... read more

Debunking Fitness Myths | Part 1 Posted on 01/11/2018

This week, we’re unmasking ten of the most frequently uttered phrases to reveal what’s fact and which fictitious myths need debunking - read on for our first 5 eye-opening explanations which are sure to stun… "Muscle... read more

Diet Plans; why they Don't work Posted on 30/08/2018

Our core passion revolves around promoting a healthy, happy, balanced and most of all, sustainable lifestyle to our readers and clients. We understand that consuming only nutritious food and remaining unfailingly dedicated to regular exercise can... read more


What first springs to mind when contemplating how to stay able, agile and healthy as we grow older? More often than not, we initially focus on maintaining our fitness levels by ensuring we perform sufficient aerobic exercise to keep ourselves... read more