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How To Exercise In A Busy Gym Posted on 29/05/2017

In an ideal world you would enter the gym with your set program, you would then swan around the gym switching from dumbbells to racks to machines, get all sweaty, leave and continue with your day. Seriously though... read more

Courgetti. What Is It & How Do We Use It? Posted on 15/05/2017

What is courgetti and what can we do with it? Courgetti AKA ‘Zoodles’ are simply courgettes shredded in to fine spaghetti-like strands, You’ll most definitely find these hanging out on the supermarket shelves nowadays... read more

4 Tips to make you a better interpreter of what you are learning! Posted on 01/05/2017

4 Tips to make you a better interpreter of what you are learning: 1. Have a critical thinking hat on. This means don't take what's written as gospel. Many blogs and 'industry experts' will headline or weight articles and seminars in... read more