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Home Workouts Posted on 03/04/2020

How many of you are used to working, living, relaxing, eating, sleeping and exercising all under one roof yet? We're still trying to get out head around it too!  We've had a few questions from our current clients, past clients and... read more

The Debrief! An Invaluable Coaching Technique. Posted on 25/07/2019

When taking coaching sessions every 'get together' should have a direct point and learning outcome. Making a point of debriefing clients after every coaching session not only justifies the significance of your session and its... read more

Create A Prioritisation Strategy! Posted on 23/07/2019

Priority: A thing that is considered more important than others!   In order for us to be effective in achieving results with our clients, we must work with those that have a clear priority. However, whilst true in a perfect... read more

Positive Reinforcement Is A Useful Tool For The Coach! Posted on 22/07/2019

Consider Positive Reinforcement As A Coaching Tool To Enhance Your Client's Achievements!   Positive reinforcement involves the addition of a reinforcing stimulus following a behavior that makes it more likely that the... read more