Create A Prioritisation Strategy

Priority: A thing that is considered more important than others!

In order for us to be effective in achieving results with our clients, we must work with those that have a clear priority. However, whilst true in a perfect world, part of the coaching process at times is helping them clarify what they are.

Creating a prioritisation strategy will help you iron out any clients that can't quite justify their goal priority or more importantly keep to them.

Most prioritisation strategies focus on deadlines and lists, in spite of this, if you can make them about addressing motivation and pressures/stresses they become more effective for the client (as well as you).

For example, find out what matters most to the client (motivation) and what they are doing because of others (pressures/stresses).

This reframing often illuminates new opportunities to delegate, reposition or rethink current allocations of time and resources, freeing margin for personal growth and goal attainment. The client will now be able to carve out what's necessary for them to achieve their personal priorities.

A common one personal trainers face is weight management and body composition based goals. The client wants to achieve a positive outcome with them, but there are other pressures and stresses in their life that often let their personal goal slip down the priority list. It's our job to help them stay focused.


During your consultations, make a point to run through client motivations and pressures/stresses. Focus on this rather than the traditional deadline and list-based approach. Revisit this at least every 2-4 weeks!

Stay strong

Andy Pilides

Andy has over 10 years of experience in the field of training, nutrition, and exercise science. He has a lifetime of practice, using various methods of weight-room & field-based training principles, on himself and in abundance on a vast amount of people of all different body types. Andy holds a Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning.