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Why We Should Track! Posted on 20/02/2017

Why We Should Track!

Why we should track!

Tracking and looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the statistics we collate can be a useful tool for our mindset. The way we look at things can also be a positive towards our motivation. Mindset is a big part to our success in whatever we do and it's what channels our adherence levels.

Consider this:

'You are the average of what you constantly do.'

If you have no idea of what it is that you consistently do then starting some form of tracking is an absolute key to driving you forward in a positive direction.

If you are unsure of what it is you are worried!

If you are clear of what it is you are motivated!

Motivated means you do more for that something!

Unmotivated means you do less for that something!

Doing more for what you are motivated for means you generally do better. Particularly true if it is analysed first and accounted for second.

When it comes to training this could be tracking average volumes, intensities etc and when it comes to food this could be your average caloric and nutrient intakes. Scale weight on average can also be a useful tool as looking only at daily weigh ins can confuse the hell out of you. This is because of the amount of fluctuations the body goes through daily and thats not a reflection of body fat or muscle gain.

Quite simply this could be a big meal eaten, lots of water drunk, not doing a number 2, menstrual cycle or even the time of day! The more data you provide yourself with, the better you can see a picture of what is needed to move forwards in the direction you want. Data collated well and interpreted correctly can be a powerful tool to your success.

Taking an average of things and looking at the bigger picture will hold you in a powerful place to motivate, guide and account for your targets!

Happy Tracking