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Training Variables Posted on 16/01/2017

Training Variables

When training we have to consider stimulus when looking for an adaptive response. If we continue to give the body the same stimulus day in day out there will come a point in your training overload where progress will diminish.

When we train we are looking at providing the body with a stress to elicit an adaptive response. This happens during our recovery. If the stress is the same all the time the body’s adaptive mechanisms no longer have to work as hard to give a change. This means stagnation in progress and even a regression. Its almost like you are stressing the body no longer for a change. You are just bringing the body negative stress that is unneeded. If we have the perfect environment in the world we would be surrounded by kit that has endless uses and this would help us continue our variation in stimulus along the same lines of response we are after, however this article is written to give you an idea of how you can manipulate training variables to keep you progressing further even if environment doesn’t assist you.

Here are just some things to consider when structuring your program:






6.Exercise Selection


8.Body Angle

9. Recovery

10.Types Of Muscle Contractions

11.Energy System Being Taped in to

12.Duration of Stimulus

13.Unilateral or Bilateral Movement

14.Strength Curve

15.Muscle Pairings (agonist/antagonist)

16.Fixed vs Unfixed Movements

17.Cross Section of Muscle Recruitment

18.Range Of Motion

19.Correlating Nutrition to Aid Recovery

20.Correlating Sleep to Aid Recovery

Next time you plan your training blocks keep the above variables in mind and see how you can keep your body progressing in the way you want it to!