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The Last 3 Reps Count! Posted on 15/02/2016

The Last 3 Reps Count!

The Last 3 Reps Count!

Ever heard of the phrase ‘give 110%’? Mathematically impossible, however the resemblance interprets the amount of effort required to succeed.

A common trend I’m starting to notice amongst my clients is, the ones who grit through the last 3 reps of a prescribed exercise, are the clients who are achieving the greatest success. I’m finding this with my own training also.If I have the grit in my teeth that I’m going to complete my workout and be hungry for more, then the level of achievement I’ll gain from it is far greater.

Next time you find yourself in the gym or at one of my sessions, bare this in mind, the last 3 reps are the most valuable reps, they are the reps that count, the reps that define winning and loosing, the reps that get you to your goal. Tip of the day: Grit your teeth and make the workout count. It’s the most valuable tool you can ever have in the weight room. #mentality