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The Importance Of The Gluteus Maximus Posted on 15/08/2016

The Importance Of The Gluteus Maximus

As many of you are aware, what we provide in our training sessions is a greater understanding of the human anatomy. It is something we find most trainers struggle with so giving you guys a head start for your training is always a priority for us. The majority of the population including athletes struggle with shoulder, back, knee and ankle pains and so developing an awareness for the role of the bum muscles is essential not only for performance but also for a pain free life.

Below is a quote I have cited from a paper indicating the importance of the Gluteus Maximus:

(Wilson, 2005) ''Consider the Gluteus Maximus region to have a role in 'core stability' and hip control. A weak Gluteus Maximus muscle has an influence on the alignment of the lower knee and ankle, resulting in greater medial and lateral movement, which leads to an increase in strain on the joints, predisposing to a greater risk of injury.''