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It's mid-week and you're already bored of the endless crunches you've been struggling through since Monday, already unmotivated to jog past the same tree as yesterday and already dreading the same dull routine looming on tomorrow's horizon...Sound familiar? If you're tired of constantly hearing that repetition, repetition, repetition is the only way you’re going to see results, you aren’t alone and we’re here to help you realise just how beneficial switching up your workouts can really be!

While commitment and perseverance are still key to reaching your goals, constant repetition which leaves you uninspired and lacking motivation is not. We want to share with you how adopting the hybrid system and changing it up every day can leave you feeling more energised, more agile and stronger than ever! It’s continuously drilled into us how important balance is in our lives and the hybrid method encourages exactly this. By combining diverse modalities throughout your week, you can restore that much needed balance as well as revive your exercise regime.

Let's take look at the 5 benefits of hybrid training that you could be taking advantage of starting today:

1. Improved Mental Attitude:

It’s no surprise that the prospect of repeating the same exercises day in and day out can get you stuck in a negative rut: you’re overly concerned with comparing daily progress which can be demoralising and the banality of your rigid routine bores you. Studies have proven that having new, different and exciting workouts to look forward to can noticeably increase levels of motivation and lead individuals to feel more positive about their workouts. Instead of fearing that you’ll start clock-watching before you even break a sweat, you’ll know that this may be the only day this week when you do a particular modality and therefore, the likelihood of you pushing yourself to your maximum capacity actually increases significantly as you’ll want to make it count.


2. Great Performance Results:

Whether your fitness objective is fat loss, muscle gain, enhancing endurance or general health benefits, hybrid training can help you reach your goals as well as developing your skills across a variety of modalities. In the same way that days of endless high intensity cardio can leave you feeling lethargic and lacking energy, too many hours of heavy weight lifting can leave you feeling achy and slow. However, by mixing strength training with cardio or power training with strength training you are consistently activating different muscle groups, forcing your body to constantly adapt to new movements making it more powerful, more dynamic and more agile in quickly adjusting to new activities. As a result, your more athletic and adaptable muscles will learn how to work together more efficiently, ultimately boosting your performance across the spectrum.



3. Flexibility To Modify Your Fitness Regime To Conform To Your Life Schedule:

Workouts don’t need to dictate our everyday life. Of course we need to make time to exercise, but why not incorporate fitness into our daily routine in a way that’s efficient, productive and rewarding? With the hybrid model, you’ll have the flexibility to choose workouts on certain days which suit your work / children / life balance.

Here are some examples to get the most out of your week:

A) Slow cooking a stew for dinner? Perfect! This means you'll have loads of time to set up some circuits combining HIIT and strength workouts either inside or out, while still keeping an eye on the stove.

B) Got teenagers who dream of their weekend lie ins? Great! Let them sleep while you sneak off to a yoga class or use that morning peace and quiet to do your own yoga/meditation/mindfulness session at home.

C) Got a dog that needs walking? How about choosing a new, slightly longer route on certain days so you can jog it?

D) Absolutely exhausted after a long week or a night out with friends? Relax! Never forget how important downtime is, you’ll need at least one rest day a week, two if you are relatively new to training.

The hybrid system proves any combination is possible - it’s all about becoming creative with your workouts and your time.


4. You Call The Shots:

The most inspiring element of the hybrid model is that it’s completely up to you to choose the frequency and type of your workouts. The vast array of different modalities means you can trial loads of different weekly routines to discover exactly what works best for you. When it becomes your choice - it's no longer a chore!


5. Higher Engagement With The Fitness Community:

Whether it’s getting to know your neighbours at Monday running club, interacting with fellow weight lifters at the gym on Wednesdays or catching up with friends over a game of tennis at the weekend, switching up your exercises can really help broaden your perspective and further integrate you into the fitness community. This is a fantastic way of sharing stories and challenging moments, inspiring one another and finding a real support base to keep your motivation elevated. Don’t forget that keeping fit is meant to be social, and recreational sport is an awesome way to sweat without feeling like a burden.

Share this article with friends and family to help us debunk the myth that fitness routines have to be dull and unimaginative. The hybrid method offers you the chance to, almost paradoxically, create your own personalised variable routine that you can shape to fit your week!

NB: Make sure that if you’re still new to exercise you build variations in your week very slowly, perhaps starting by just mixing light cardio and light strength training.