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The benefits of a personal trainer Posted on 08/06/2021

The benefits of a personal trainer

Is personal training worth it?

What do you get from personal training that you can’t find online? What do personal trainers offer that is unique?

Why bespoke matters

Having a professional assess your body, understand any imbalances, mobility issues, or any other problems is the first merit of personal training. Without addressing these in a tailored training programme, you could exaggerate existing problems, or limit the ceiling of what your body is capable of.

Your physical goals may vary and therefore your workouts need to help accomplish these in a way a generic programme wouldn’t.

Say you’d like to gain muscle, but also run faster. These goals don’t align perfectly: as you get bulkier you may get slower, although, the more cardio in your programme the trickier it is to put on size.

There is a fine line to meet both of your goals, that without specialist help, could be very challenging to walk.

Think long term

We live in a world where we want results, and we want them 5 minutes ago. However, with exercise you have to be patient and consistent.

A personal trainer will deliver results in the most efficient timeframe possible, but also set you up for the future. Say you move to the other side of the world; the knowledge gained from your PT about how to take care of YOUR body will stay with you, setting you up for success wherever you are.

With slight adjustments to your exercise form, you will also notice significant improvement in your results as well as a reduced risk of long-term injury.

Confidence in a gym environment

Gym intimidation and anxiety are very real.

Ever had an exercise you weren’t confident enough to try out? Or a section of the gym you avoid for fear of looking like you don’t belong?

A personal trainer will help build that confidence, allowing you to go forward in the knowledge you are performing these movements correctly.

Why More Than Muscle?

Our trainers won’t just improve the way you look, they will improve the way you feel and move.

Every member of our team offers specialist knowledge, a friendly delivery, and the skill to help you smash your goals! Find out more about our trainers, here.