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Instagram and Your Self-Confidence Posted on 19/06/2017

Instagram and Your Self-Confidence

As your Instagram followers increase does your anxiety?

Instagram was recently dubbed as one of the most harmful social media platforms for teenagers to use and it’s ranked as one of the worst for effecting young peoples mental health.

Instagram is all about image, a split second in somebodies life captured, enhanced, filtered and then posted for the world to see. With the constant flood of images and fitness accounts popping up throughout your news feed does this aid your motivation or increase your self doubt and anxiety? Is instagram really to blame for a growing problem in body confidence issues? Here are my thoughts:

I do believe Instagram and social media is a whole world you can get sucked in to very quickly. The freedom of browsing at almost anything and everything could literally pass by hours on a boring Sunday afternoon- believe me I’ve done it. How the hell did I even end up on Magnus the bulldog’s Instagram? Using Instagram to connect and interact with others around the world and being able to capture moments to share with others is priceless. Small businesses, global businesses, celebrities, bloggers, you name it, have all progressed and developed thanks to the wonderful world of social media. In particular fitness, health and nutrition accounts thrive on this platform as they are built on image. The likes of The Body Coach, Ashy Bines, Jen Selter and Paige Hathaway are frequent Instagrammers with huge followings- we’re talking millions. So what should you take from Instagram, if anything? And what should you just ignore- or at least try to.



Instagram is full of them, if they get you going in the right direction, read away #fitspiration


From perfectly smashed avocado on toast to Jen Selter’s peachy behind, we can all admire what’s on offer throughout our newsfeed.


This applies to those posting. Try not to add the catalogue of very poorly edited images of tiny waists and warped doorframes.


Read recipes and watch workouts; learn about people and research things you enjoy. It’s all out there. By no means take this as gospel, search with an open mind.


I shouldn’t need to tell you how to do that.


Message your biggest inspirations. Interact with bloggers or even just give your local and slightly quirky coffee shop a follow. Organisations and communities such as #girlgains only exist because of the sheer amount of communication and interaction between like-minded individuals.


If your not OK with the online world seeing your #fridayselfie or #foodporn then switch your account to private.




41% of all Instagram accounts are powered by those between the ages of 16-24; a venerable age when it comes to self-confidence and body image. An age your body is constantly changing, adapting and developing but most definitely not a age to be comparing yourself and your appearance to strangers online.


This goes hand in hand with admiration. Admire and aspire and leave it there.


There’s enough of that out there.