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Develop Communication Skills & Never Stop Trying To Improve Them! Posted on 18/07/2019

Develop Communication Skills & Never Stop Trying To Improve Them!

Coaching is about facilitating the learner into finding the answers they already have!

The types of questions you ask of your clients are key. It fundamentally helps them intrinsically find the answers to the problems they may have. The type of question is an extrinsic facilitator towards them finding out for themselves. You guide rather than dictate to them;)

Our job at times isn't to give them direct answers but rather help them work it out. When we look at different learning pathways, coaching people into recognizing the answers ultimately helps them cement the skills and actions they need. This goes further than you just telling them.

Develop your ability as a coach to nurture the learning of your clients, athletes or customers by asking the right types of questions. Trust me you will see a far greater benefit.



During your coaching sessions ask your client open-ended questions.

SCENARIO: The client sits a lot and experiences back pain.

COACH: "Sitting down for prolonged hours tightens up your hip flexors. How do you think this will impact your back?"

The client will then need to think of the implications and give a reasoning as to why they would be better not to sit for so long.

At times this works better than using a close-ended question for example; "Sitting for long hours can impact the lower back, does that make sense?" With them replying yes or no without much thought or association!

The process of having to work out and associate gives reasoning and makes them realize it may impact their lower back.

This gives them the subconscious power to take action into their own hands by recognizing this as a personal daily task they should change.

Stay strong

Andy Pilides