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Cyprus Fitness retreat 2018 Posted on 09/04/2018

Cyprus Fitness retreat 2018

This unique adventure will encourage you to exert your body in new ways to achieve great results

By the time it reaches the end of summer who doesn't feel a little guilty for overindulging in too many pool side cocktails, overdoing it at the all-you-can-eat hotel buffet and endlessly snoozing the alarm you set to go on a sunrise run? It’s totally normal to feel that you went a bit overboard in your attempt to relax and have a good time and it’s nothing to beat yourself up about. After pushing yourself hard all year, you deserve to take a break and treat yourself. However, come October, reality comes calling and it’s certainly time to get your active lifestyle back on track!

oct 10th-14th 2018- book now-

In order to kick-start your post-summer detox and escape those early winter blues, we’re inviting you on our annual fitness retreat and this year we’ll be jetting off to the idyllic island of Cyprus! This four day trip is the perfect length to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refuelled while being short enough to not hugely disrupt your work schedule. What’s more, we've given you advanced notice to get your child/pet care sorted – so no excuses!

Just to whet your appetite, here’s an idea of what you can look forward to:

  • Multiple daily training sessions led by four expert trainers. You’ll be able to take full advantage of their professional advice to get answers to any and all of the queries that may be lingering on your mind – there are no stupid questions! The trainers’ specialist knowledge will assist you in maximising your workouts by providing you with specific and targeted guidance.


  • Nourishing, filling meals and healthy snacks will be freshly prepared each day to ensure that you get all the vital nutrients you need to power you through these activity packed days. The wholesome meals might even spark some inspiration for new recipes to try at home!


  • Sore from the workouts and in need of some extra pampering? We’ve got you covered – soothing or invigorating massages and various beauty treatments will be available as optional extras.


  • New and diverse types of exercise. Whether you want to find your Zen through yoga at sunset, loosen your muscles while swimming, appreciate the beautiful outdoors on guided hikes, get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy sunrise runs/circuits or attempt some kickboxing, there’s bound to be something to suit you!

Various positive outcomes you can take away from the experience:

  • Headspace. We all need time away from our day-to-day lives; they can be chaotic, repetitive, and can cause a lot of anxiety and tension. It's not that you don't love your job and your kids, but it’s essential to detach yourself from everyday stressors every once in a while to freshen your mind and your attitude so that you can recharge your life with optimism. Don’t neglect ‘me time’ – it’s crucial! You might even learn a few new yoga poses and breathing techniques to use when you're feeling particularly tense.


  • Meeting new, friendly people with similar goals. Getting to know others who have been through similar experiences is a fantastic way to feel part of a greater fitness community where you can share challenges and successes and seek, as well as give support


  • A new found confidence and motivation. A few days abroad can really help to put things into perspective. It can be a great opportunity for you to rediscover exactly why you began your wellness journey in the first place and encourage you to get back on track living your healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll have received a ton of useful professional advice to keep you feeling inspired and energised when returning home!

This unique adventure will encourage you to exert your body in new ways to achieve great results and will allow you to disconnect from the strains of your daily life. While this will be very different to your average seaside holiday, this glorious Greek Mediterranean location is home to the highest number of blue flag beaches in Europe so there's really nothing standing in the way between you and the ocean!

Similar to previous years, this promises to be an unparalleled fitness experience. Still not feeling convinced by the prospect of a healthy bronzed glow, an energised body and a serene mind-set? Head over to our YouTube channel or Instagram page to get a glimpse of what could be in store.


Dates: Oct 10th-14th 2018
for more info and booking email