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Coach Andy's 12 Principles For Physique Prep Posted on 06/03/2016

Coach Andy's 12 Principles For Physique Prep

Despina lost a great amount of fat whilst building some sustainable muscle during this initial 12 week phase. 3 years later she now is eating way more than before and continues to progress her physique. KEY WORD SUSTAINABILITY

Principle 1 -Assess an athlete's stress levels

Principle 2 -Assess an athlete's current physique status

Principle 3 -Assess an athlete's nutritional status

Principle 4 -Assess athlete's training age

Principle 5 -Inverse relationship between volume and intensity -Build a program that starts with volume and progressively increases in intensity

Principle 6 -Focus on muscle stimulation, tension whilst increasing intensity incrementally

Principle 7 -Start with building maintenance calories and then progressively reduce intakes as volume decreases over phases of training. -Let the food do the talking for fat loss -Stay strong preservation of muscle is important

Principle 8 -Keep it simple - Consistency wins the long race -increasing complexities of movement patterns as phases develop

Principle 9 -Often undervalued! Priorities must be given to recovery. -If undervalued your level of training intensity will significantly be diminished

Principle 10 -Use supplements to support everything you do. Don't rely on them to give you miracles. -You have to work for what u get.

Principle 11 -Set up a realistic time frame and set yourself mini milestones along the way. Accountability is everything.

Principle 12 -Keep a few training methods/variables behind to use as secret weapons if things start slowing down in your later stages. For example LISS/HIIT ect. ‪