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Building The Tolerance Posted on 05/09/2016

Building The Tolerance

Building The Tolerance!

Metabolic rate is not static, so therefore you can train it to be more efficient in utilising calories. Bigger engine in a car more petrol drunk. Muscle mass is a huge primer to metabolic rate and is often the thing that the population leak as they age. This is why strength training is key to building metabolic rate or maintaining it at the very least. Dieting reduces metabolic rate and this is why super low calorie diets don’t work. Fast fat loss is not sustainable fat loss.

The data shows a process of ‘Fat overshooting’ once a diet ends if done super quick and with a super restrictive calorie intake. By ‘Fat overshooting' we mean you will tend to put all the weight you have lost back on plus 8%+. Slow progressive dieting is the answer, with the goal being preserving as much metabolic rate as possible through holding on to metabolically active tissue in the form of muscle, utilising smart, periodic weight training. A progressive training and nutrition plan is the answer. Don’t shoot for the fast approach. It is also shown that feeding will not develop the metabolic rate on its own! It's the feeding AND training progressively that can enhance your metabolic rate and enhance your bodies tolerance to food intake.

Ultimately you want to be able to diet on more and more each time you look to re-cut again. The goal should be to increase your caloric ceilings. This is what an off season or a period of feeding should be about. Building your bodies tolerance to food. It should get easier if you put the work in when reverse dieting and pushing onwards through an off season.

Reverse dieting is the process of slowly re-filling your deficited diet back with calories to maintenance and beyond over a slow and sustained period of time. Psychologically this can be difficult for people as this is a tough ask. As humans once we finish or accomplish a period of dieting we just want to shovel food down our throats in large quantities. This is not the answer for your long term physique goals. I emphasise the word long term here.

Volume in the weight room has been proven to be the number one primer for strength development! It's not the only way of course, but it is the number one...Especially for the majority of the population. It is also a great way to increase metabolic rate when putting calories back in to your diet.

We know carbohydrates are the most accessible energy source for our muscles and our bodies, so it is also a great way to feed the body and train it to become more tolerable to this macronutrient and its thresholds within the individual. Again higher ceilings means more room to cut from when looking to diet down. It also means the diet won't feel as hard because you won't need to dig so low to find the physique you want.This is because you have built it over the years.