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A Run For Those Who Hate Running.. Posted on 05/06/2017

A Run For Those Who Hate Running..

I hate running but I bit the bullet and I tried Park run. I’d heard about Park Run by a couple people but have never really been myself. For those who haven’t heard of it, Park Run happens all over the world every Saturday and Sunday morning. Over the past year it’s become a bit of a global phenomenon, popping up over Europe, America and Australia.

This isn’t a charity run, a race or an elite running club, It’s a 5K around the park and everyone is invited.

You sign up online, print your barcode and take it with you to your run. Your barcode keeps track of your finishing time and also your stats so make sure you keep it with you as you go around. A few Saturdays ago I signed up and set my alarm early, ready to take on my first park run.

Walking in to the park that morning I was shocked at how many people actually attend, were talking 500+. Children were involved and even the dogs were tagging along.

Just a little disclaimer, I by no means consider myself as a natural runner, I actually really dislike it. I’m a short gym freak that likes to squat and would much prefer to wear a pair of weightlifting shoes rather than slipping in to a pair of running trainers. However, running with a friend is ok so I thought an event like this would be manageable. The atmosphere and constant support from marshals and other runners as you pound your way around the park is the push you need if you too, find running a bit of a drag. Sprint, jog or walk. What I love here is Guildford Park Run attacks a huge range of running abilities but nobody is judging your speed or progress, you can just arrive and get on with it.

I would actually recommend everyone trying a local Park Run at some point. Get past the Saturday morning alarm and it’ll be the best start to your weekend!

Guildford Park Run takes place every Saturday morning at 9am in Stoke Park.