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4 Reasons To Build Muscle Posted on 25/11/2015

4 Reasons To Build Muscle

Working and being around many commercial gyms and personal training studios I have witnessed a wide variety of thoughts on the best ethos of training! You’ve got the cardio worshipers, the strength gurus, the body builders or mirror preachers as I like to call them, the Olympic style lifters and the ‘functional’ training circus acts! One thing is for certain though, build muscle and you will benefit! Here are my top 4 reasons why you should build muscle:

1. Make Strength Gains The only way to get stronger is to increase the amount of weight you lift. Weight training has a positive correlation with muscle gains! Muscle mass can help you become stronger and healthier; it can also make you leaner! Strength is a vital component to life, without it you die! For an easier way of life gain some muscle!

2. Speed Up Your Metabolism It is proven that the more muscle mass you have the leaner you will become! Muscle is a living tissue within the body and the more you have the more calories you will burn. Muscle mass speeds up your metabolism dramatically. Muscle mass is the best defence mechanism against getting fat.

3. Have A Healthy Immune System Muscle mass is proven to increase your immune health! The more muscle and bone you have, the greater the acid buffering power your body has. This correlates to a stronger immune system and higher levels of antioxidants within the body. Gain muscle to stay healthy.

4. Look Better In Your Clothes Well-developed strong muscles make you look great, particularly in women! Muscles give you curves; well developed glutes and trained stomach muscles are more pleasing to the male eye – and you’ll feel better in your clothes! Guys, unless you want a figure full of oestrogen (a female hormone promoting fatty tissues) it’s time to hit the weights and build some muscle. This will help you boost your testosterone get rid of those ‘moobs’ and give you the manly figure you should have!

In summary, when you increase the size of the muscular system through hypertrophy, it creates a rise in metabolism and the metabolic need for nutrients! This ultimately increases the amount of fat loss that will accommodate it! It’s like putting a bigger thirstier engine in your car – it will require a whole lot more fuel! It will also hold you in good stead to have a healthy efficient immune system!