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101 Coaching Tips To Achieve Your Coaching Goals! Posted on 17/07/2019

101 Coaching Tips To Achieve Your Coaching Goals!

They Say It Takes 20 Years To Become An Overnight Success.


Successful coaches, in my opinion, have a combination of experience, skill, education, and practice. They have however developed a means of empowering clients to get the best out of them. Your philosophy is a pivotal aspect here. Before reading on I encourage you to take a few moments to jot down what you believe your philosophy signifies. Definitely do this task. It will help you formulate the decisions you make and radiate the people you want to work with a lot clearer!



Here are my 101 coaching tips to help you achieve your coaching goals:

  1. Take time to plan 
  2. Develop and sharpen communication skills.
  3. Learn to effectively utilise the internet, social media & emails.  
  5. An open mind is important. We all have weakness and gaps in our knowledge. Make up for this with passion and desire.  
  6. Be a role model Learn from your mistakes, take constructive criticism as positive and take steps forward to improve - this is experience! 
  7. Make time for you! Allocate this daily. Personal health and growth are important. 
  8. Record your work and your client's actual achievements in sessions. Not just what was planned. 
  9. Change can be good! 
  10. Embrace opportunities! 
  11. Use the research wisely. A lot derives from it, especially coaching. Find the answers. The won't always fall into your lap. 
  12. Master the basics!
  13. Have self-belief and believe in your clients. 
  14. This may sound odd! Strive to be redundant, coach independence of your clients. 
  15. They won't leave but rather respect you greater! 
  16. Use your ears as much as your mouth Pain + Reflection = Progress.  
  17. Coach people, not who they are and what they have done.  
  18. Network. This is vital. 
  19. Seek excellence - Thirst for the best, don't settle for less! 
  20. The subconscious mind is powerful. What you believe will happen, will happen. Be persistent. 
  21. Smash the doors down, create opportunities! 
  22. Learn basic business skills - You have to sustain yourself. 
  23. Give an ounce of information and a ton of practice. 
  24. Communicate! Clearly, concisely, calmly, constructively, consistently and cleverly. 
  25. You are the 3 people you spend the most time with. Choose them wisely! 
  26. Contribute to the development of industry standards. Not just your clients. 
  27. Success breeds success. 
  28. Learn to delegate. You can't do everything and neither should you want to. 
  29. Focus on what you love doing! 
  30. Enthusiasm. Do you love it?
  31. He who wants to be rich overnight shall be hung in a year - LEONARDO DI VINCI. 
  32. Have fun along the way. 
  33. Have a wide coaching toolbox. 
  34. What happens when it goes wrong. Don't be a one trick pony. 
  35. Focus not just on the short term. Long-term planning is pivotal. Fear often stops this! 
  36. Help other coaches. Listen to your clients. Be willing to share ideas Customer service. 
  37. Improve all aspects. 
  38. Learn to read journals. 
  39. Develop speed reading skills. 
  40. Be flexible in your methodology but understand the principles. 
  41. It's not for the money, it's for love. 
  42. You are your environment! 
  43. What gets measured, gets managed. 
  44. Do your homework. 
  45. Everyone is an athlete. 
  46. Dare to be different. Don't be a sheep. Don't over coach. Let the learner experience. 
  47. Confidence. 
  48. Encourage your client to take ownership of their program. 
  49. Look professional! You are your business card. 
  50. Have desire! 
  51. Firm and Fair. 
  52. Risk for reward. Minimize risk where possible. 
  53. Self-reflection. Journal daily. 
  54. Read every available day. 
  55. Praise. Do this where it is due. 
  56. Body language tells a story. 
  57. Remember coaching is a two-way process. 
  58. Build trust - Your relationships are so crucial to your customers. 
  59. Get to know something personal about your client. 
  60. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. 
  61. The coach is the creator of positive experiences. 
  62. Understand the power of saying NO! 
  63. Concentrate on performance rather than the outcome. 
  64. Dreaming is great but recognising the attainable versus the unattainable is an important trait.
  65. Video footage can be a useful feedback tool for your coaching. 
  66. Use a professional network including mentors, therapists, nutritionists to support your practice. 
  67. Refine last years performance.  
  68. Tap into client belief systems. 
  69. Holistically tap into your client's mental skills, they can be developed just like physical skills. 
  70. Clients will listen far more if you listen to them. ;) 
  71. Assess, intervein, reassess is good practice. 
  72. Take responsibility.  
  73. We don't know everything. It's ok! 
  74. Coaching is a two-way process. Make a connection.
  75. Accept you can't help everyone. 
  76. Focus on what you can do. 
  77. Strength is the mother of all qualities when everything else is equal. 
  78. Don't load your back with your mouth. Think before you speak. 
  80. Be an observer of human behavior. It will tell a big story. 
  81. Everyone enjoys appreciation. Show love. 
  82. Be aware of your boundaries. 
  83. Publish your results. 
  84. Be empathetic. 
  85. Sympathy often isn't the answer! 
  86. You learn something new every day if you pay attention! 
  87. DRAMA - Do, Record, Analyse, Modify, Act! 
  88. Competition can motivate. 
  89. The type of questions you ask can nurture clients into finding the answers they already have.
  90. Understand the art, science & history of things. 
  91. The Dunning Kruger Effect.  
  92. Adaptation = Stagnation. 
  93. Nothing beats hard work. 
  94. Get good at public speaking. 
  95. Recovery is key. 
  96. You don't need to talk industry jargon with your clients to get the message across! 
  97. Do a course at least every 3 months. 
  98. Health first. 
  99. Build foundations that stand strong.
  100. A whiteboard is cool as a coaching tool. 
  101. ADD VALUE.


Stay strong

Andy Pilides