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10 Things Healthy People Do Posted on 19/02/2018

10 Things Healthy People Do

Over the past decade I have worked closely with many different clients all interested in they’re health or performance in one way or another. But what exactly does it mean to be healthy? What do healthy people do differently, if anything? I believe these 10 factors do play a huge role in an individual’s lifestyle and general health.

They Walk.

Around 10,000 steps each day. Everyday. Walking is great for your mental and physical heath. It get’s the bloody flowing, heart bumping and muscle moving. Taking the time to walk just a short distance each day without any distractions can also help clear the mind too.

They Eat Their Fruit and Vegetables.

Most meals should include at least one portion of fruit and vegetables! This always has worked for your health and always will. Not having enough of the green and colorful stuff within your diet means your going to lack essential vitamins and minerals great for your skin, hair, energy levels and general wellbeing! They’re also pretty low in calories, not very hard to overeat and great for filling you up!

They Take The Stairs.

Star climbing will A) help work and tone your thighs, calves and buttocks and B) Help you burn more calories than taking the lift or escalator. Your legs are the biggest muscle group in the body and working these is a sure fire way to burn calories. It’s free, convenient and there’s no need to change into your Lycra. Start with a couple flights of stairs and then progress.

They Sleep.

6-8 hours every night to be precise.
This is your time to reset and recover. People don’t sleep because they’re either too physically busy to sleep i.e. working late or they are too mentally busy to sleep. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling lethargic, short tempered and unfocused. If you’re suffering from any of these signs- take a look at your sleep patterns? Are they regular and are you getting enough?

They Relax.

You can actually fall asleep first and foremost. 1 in 3 of us have difficulty with our sleeping and with an increased pressure to work more we are now even taking our work home. Sending the kids to bed then getting the laptop back out is a common occurrence amongst most modern families. Relaxing before you hit the pillow is key. Bringing stressful thoughts and a frantic mind to bed will pretty much guarantee you one hell of a sleepless night. Try finishing work at least 2 hours before bed, reading a book, switching off emails or drinking something warm without the caffeine should all help.

They Laugh.

In numerous studies your happiness has been linked to your health. Try pursuing and engaging in activities you have a genuine interest in whether that’s a sport, shopping, films or running. Discuss, debate and socialize with friends, family and strangers. Your mental health is something we can’t physically see, but is a vital component when it comes to your healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing.

They Don’t Drink, Often.

Although a glass with your evening meal doesn’t sound like much, one large glass of wine can cost you up to 228 calories! That’s quite a lot for just a drink. Britain is a binge-drinking nation but with the huge rise of “Dry-January” participants this year its clear we are now more conscious than ever of our drinking habits. If you’re thinking of cutting down your alcohol intake I suggest starting with an alcohol-free home, limiting/quitting drink during the week and making your drink last longer when you do decide to have a glass.

They Enjoy Their Food.

In my experience when working closely with the general population and sporting professionals, nutritional choices and the way we identify with our diet has a huge correlation to an individual’s performance, behavior and mentality. Those who enjoy cooking appreciate flavor and have a basic understanding of energy balance care more about fuelling their body with nutritious food. As the old saying goes ‘we are what we eat!” And I stand by this. Following an 80/20 rule when it comes to your nutrition ensures you hold a healthy balance between enjoying the berries and the Cadbury. Think 80% healthy and 20% not so healthy.

They Exercise.

Sports, fitness classes and attending the gym will all benefit your health in a positive way. Exercise will help you sustain a healthy body weight reducing your chances of diseases linked with obesity. It also keeps joints, bones and muscles strong and resilient preventing injuries and age-related muscle implication.

They Drink Water.

Lack of water can result in fatigue, dry skin, hunger, bad breath, headaches and loss of concentration. A minimum of 2 liters should be drank daily and even more if you exercise. Try flavoring your water with lemon, cucumber or mint for and never leave the house without a bottle to hand.