Group Training

Group training is equally fun as it is motivating. Its the social way to exercise! Group training with MTM also keeps you accountable as training in small teams can do wonders for adherence and consistency. As a team you will tackle every program, every early morning, every minute and every rep together! This is the perfect way to train at an affordable price whilst working out with friends.

Group Fitness Training Guildford

More The Muscle offers group classes at our base in Guildford. Enquire today for more information on class timetables and availabilities. Join the team today and kick-start your health and fitness goals. 

Train in a team like atmosphere with Guildfords most comprehensive group training class. Our training formula is proven in driving you to the best physical shape of your life. The Be More class is capped at 12 people all sharing the same drive and determination as each other, ensuring not only do you get great results but your team does as well. Using various strength and conditioning practices, our coaching team can ensure you will become more.

Flip tires, carry logs, smash ropes whilst pushing and pulling heavy things. Fat loss and muscle building whilst gaining strength couldn't be more fun. Who the hell wants to spend hours on a boring treadmill anyway? Get started today and condition your body the way you've always wanted it to be!


Team Be More Group Class


This class is open for anybody. We cater for the beginner looking to kick start their fitness journeys right through to the fitness professional looking for a little extra guidance. This team will help you BE MORE whilst having heaps of fun alongside like-minded individuals!


  • Progressive exercise plan the group will follow together
  • Nutritional guidance to support what you're doing in the classes
  • Access to our support forum where you can interact with us and your team mates
  • Team Be More t shirt on sign up

If you complete 12 weeks of training with us at 1 or more sessions a week, you will receive our E-Book 'More Than Physique!' This is a guide explaining everything taught on the course, with a 12 week training plan for gym based workouts included within it. The book also includes recipe guides, alongside nutritional advice. Worth £9.99


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Team Be More Group Classes